A doctor tells painful details of the death of a child due to the cold in the camps of northern Syria


Posted on: 14-10-2020

A doctor tells painful details of the death of a child due to the cold in the camps of northern Syria: Because of the extreme cold, shortness of breath, and a feeling of freezing, a displaced Syrian girl died in a camp in Afrin countryside, north of Aleppo. The doctor, “Hussam Adnan,” shared on his Facebook page, the details of bringing the child to the hospital in which he works in Afrin. He said: “The child arrived today at the hospital in Afrin. Her father brought her from their tent, which is a few kilometers away from our hospital, because she suffers from a minor respiratory illness. He brought everything he had in his worn-out tent to warm her up. He covered her making himself a heater to bring warmth to her small heart “. He added: “He embraced her with all his strength and with his heart, and sent down his warm tears moisturizing her beautiful face. He walked from five in the morning facing the snow and the winds. He walked over the rubble of his homeland, stumbled few times so he put her over his head. The winds surrounded him, so and covered her with his back. Among the ice-filled pits he walked with his worn shoes. His limbs froze, but his heart remained hugging her. He walked for two hours before he reached our hospital. The doctor continued, saying: “With great difficulty, we separated his body and his heart from her, then we examined her angelic face and found her smiling, but she was motionless, we tried to check her and save her...She was dead an hour ago and he was carrying her body on the road without knowing.” The doctor expressed his sorrow for what happened to the girl, saying: “O grief of the whole world, O my helplessness and broken heart, and all the tears of the earth, O sea of helplessness, O woe, we are the warm ones behind our heater and under the roofs of our homes participated in killing her, everyone did because they did not help her … You all participated in killing her ”. It is worth noting that last winter, around twenty children died in camps in the countryside of Idlib, Aleppo, and Arsal( Lebanon), due to low temperatures, lack of good heating devices, and block of roads due to thick snow, torrents, and floods.
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