The Syrian catastrophe is one of the most dangerous and complex emergency situations in the world, since the war has greatly destroyed health facilities. Disability rates in some regions reach 30% of the population, and at least 45% of those injured by the war suffer from permanent disability that requires specialized care for a long time after the end of the conflicts. In addition to the poor health situation inside the refugee camps in Syria, due to the lack of health care in light of the large increase in the number of displaced people in parallel with the small number of medical centers there. Therefore, the health care sector within the organization works to ensure good health for the Syrians and works on providing total health care, ending epidemics and infectious diseases, and providing access to safe medicines and vaccines for all. Our health projects aim to improve public health and achieve development, especially in refugee camps, who suffer from a lack of health care. Projects of the Healthcare Sector:

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The Ambulance Project

The Ambulance Project After the destruction of most hospitals and medical centers in Syria, many ambulances that transported the injured and sick from their villages to the field hospital or the medical center were destroyed. Because of long distances and the lack of enough cars and medical centers in every region, we had to launch an ambulance project to contribute to alleviating the suffering of the injured and the sick by providing them with a means of transportation to take them to the nearest medical point in order to save their lives Since 2011 and until now, (Pertubuhan Peduli Insan Malaysia) has brought 10 ambulances to Syria which are distributed in Idlib countryside, Aleppo countryside and Hama countryside to serve as many patients and injured people as possible.

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Health care project

Health care project: The health care project provides essential health services for children and the elderly, such as infant formula, diapers and long-term medicines for the elderly (Pertubuhan Peduli Insan Malaysia) provided milk to more than 16,000 children between 2012 and 2020 in more than 18 camps in Lebanon and northern Syria. In addition to distributing diapers for the elderly and infants to protect them from diseases and epidemics in light of the lack of proper hygiene in their camps and their inability to purchase these items due to their extreme poverty. The number of beneficiaries of this project is 43,000 children and eldery. Project implementation place: Syrian refugee camps in northern Syria Syrian refugee camps in Arsal - Lebanon

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The Medical Tent Project

The Medical Tent Project: The Medical Tent project provides medical services that refugees lack in camps on the Turkish-Syrian border and the Syrian-Lebanses border. In order to reduce the spread of diseases and germs, and to protect the safety of children and their families, in light of the poor living conditions that they live away from health centers and hospitals. (Pertubuhan Peduli Insan Malaysia) provides through this program medical check-ups and to patients through an integrated medical staff inside one of the tents, in addition to providing the necessary medication for each patient free of charge. The medical tent responds to emergency situations in the winter, in addition to its response when new displacements occur to the area that include sick or injured people. The number of beneficiaries of this project is 63,000 people. Project implementation place: Syrian refugee camps in northern Syria. Syrian refugee camps in Arsal - Lebanon

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