Sewing workshop for widows” project

The idea of the project is based on making the displaced Syrian families owners of productive projects through which they can live a decent life, especially under the prolonged Syrian crisis, which has been ongoing for years. The suffering of these people is increasing day by day. For this reason, the Al-Najat Charitable Society implemented a project "Providing sewing machines for the displaced Syrians and training them on them" as training is one of the three important elements adopted by the organization in its annual plan, which aims to enrich the poor and open the doors of good livelihood for them .. and help them learn crafts that make money. Project goals: 1- Alleviate the suffering of the displaced Syrians, especially widows. 2. Providing decent livelihoods for the displaced and widows. 3- Raise the level of living, economic and social standards for the displaced. 4. Providing training, education and work opportunities for Syrian refugees/ mothers of orphans.

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